Dave's Meat & Nuts

Dave's Meat & Nuts

Jerk Monthly - 3 bags of Jerky a month + 10% off

3 bags of Jerky (you can choose the flavors) every month for Three months.

1 sample of Jerky or Nuts every month. 

10% off all other orders.


How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Hello Meat & Nut lovers. From speaking to some of you and many others out there on the interwebs, and in the real world, I find that many people have...

How else can I use my Meat & Nuts?

This post will be updated with recipes. Please feel free to share some out of the box uses you have found for Beef Jerky. i will be updating with ideas and...

Grain Fed, Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, what does it all mean?

Hello Meat & Nut lovers. We've all seen the terms on a package of something. Maybe you heard that grass finished is the only way to go or grass fed...

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