Our Team

Dave Gadlin - Founder
After decades in the fine dining and high volume NYC food and wine industry I decided to start Dave's Meat & Nuts in 2015. My passion and goal is to create high quality unique flavors of amazing snack foods as well as provide a enjoyable, rewarding and secure working environment for my employees (the jokers below) and their families.
Hobbies: Video Games, Travel, Architecture as well as books on architecture, Lego, Art as well as books on Art, Baking, Technology.

Rich Relyea Mario - Director of Operations - Jack of all traits
It's-a me, Richard Mario. I like Princesses, Stars, Mushrooms, Sports, Kart Racing and Plumbing. I hate Koopa Troopas, Red Shells, Bowser, Fireballs and Mad Pianos. My brothers Mario Mario and Luigi Mario get all the fame... video games, movies made about them and I am stuck making delicious snacks and Directing the Operations of these food companies. Oh no! No, no, nooooo....

Kat Gilliam - Director of Marketing and Operations Manager - Jill of all traits
Kat, like the rest of the team is a seasoned vet of the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. The only one on the team skilled & patient enough to manage Social Media she is the glue that holds the team together and keeps us connected with you.
In her spare time she fights crime under the pseudonym Killer Kat. Don't ask any questions about it for your own safety.

Our Journey...

We are passionate artisans dedicated to crafting flavorful Jerky, Nuts and Sweets that elevate your snacking experience. Our expertise in a real smokehouse and handpicking the finest ingredients, ensure unmatched taste and quality. Our passion for learning (hence the name Study of Sweets) as well as love of unique and classic flavor combinations make us love what we do. Join us on a mouthwatering journey of gourmet delights, meticulously crafted with care and love.

Our Journey is a tale of passion and flavor, taking you through the remarkable evolution of Dave's Meat & Nuts, to a Chocolate shop in Oregon called Study of Sweets, to where we are today and may be tomorrow. From the bustling kitchens of New York City to the fertile lands of the West Coast we find ourselves in the heartland of the country making deliciousness for you. Our experience from TGIFriday's to Fine Dining, from Country Clubs to Time Square restaurants, from Casinos to Cafes has exposed us to all the flavors the world has to offer. We research, read, travel and test to relentlessly pursue the perfect blends of taste, texture and quality. Explore the culinary experiences, the dedication to handcrafting exceptional snacks, the love and the heartwarming journey that has brought us to your table today.

Our Stuff...

All food companies say they have a unique product but a lot of them are full of garbage. Double meaning...did I have to point it out? When we say we are unique we are talking about UNIQUE! Root Beer Habanero was our 1st flavor ever and still our best seller. What about Tikka Masala??? What's Tikka Masala you ask? Look it up damn it, it's delicious. Will you find Beef Tikka Masala anywhere? NO! Well I made it and it's stupid good. That's right, so good it will actually make you stupid. Citrus Chili Cashews, we make them. Zesty, spicy and other mouth-watering descriptive words that will make you want to buy them. In fact pretend this whole sentence is something really eloquent and just makes you hungry for our goodies. What else, what else....Alligator we smoke it,...No you weirdo, we flavor it and put it in the smoker to cook for you to eat. Although....If I smoked Alligator...neverminded. Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Smoked Steak Strips, Jerky, Sweet Stuff, Spicy Stuff, even some plain classic stuff. Don't forget to check out all of our other brands on the tabs at the top of the page, put it all in one cart and one order!

Any and all claims are made in the attempt of comedy. If you actually get stupider from any of our products please seek immediate medical attention.

Premium Quality Ingredients!

'Premium Quality Ingredients' is the foundation of everything we create at Dave's Meat & Nuts. We believe that using the best cuts of meat and handpicked nuts and flavorings is essential to crafting outstanding products.

Our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients ensures that each bite you take is a burst of authentic flavor and wholesome goodness. From tender beef jerky to perfectly roasted nuts, our commitment to excellence in ingredients sets us apart and guarantees a truly exceptional snacking experience.

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