Grain Fed, Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, what does it all mean?

Grain Fed, Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, what does it all mean?

Hello Meat & Nut lovers. We've all seen the terms on a package of something. Maybe you heard that grass finished is the only way to go or grass fed doesn't give a lot of flavor. Let's see what we can clear up.

Most beef comes from steers. These are male cows that are not intended for breeding. 


Grain Fed: Cattle that lives on a strict diet of grain will be kept at a feed lot (yeah its pretty much how it sounds) . These are indoor or outdoor areas where the cattle does not roam or graze. 

Grass Fed: Cattle that has roamed and grazed in an open pasture.  Will be put on a grain finishing diet before it transforms to beef, possibly before full maturity.

Grass Finished: Cattle that was fed grass until it reaches full maturity (age and size).


Why grain, isn't grass free? Grass is free but water and land are not. As we see less and less rainfall you will see 3 things happening.

1. More false labeling

2. Less grass fed & grass finished beef.

3. Higher prices on grass fed & grass finished beef.


As usual I like to keep things simple. 

There is lots of room for opinions and discussions. Let me know what you think.


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