Dave's Meat & Nuts

Dave's Meat & Nuts

Almonds - Honey Cinnamon

Sold out.

Warm cinnamon spice with sweet honey roasted Almonds. These flavors have been written about in ancient cultures with reputed medicinal properties. My Nuts cure everything!



How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Hello Meat & Nut lovers. From speaking to some of you and many others out there on the interwebs, and in the real world, I find that many people have...

How else can I use my Meat & Nuts?

This post will be updated with recipes. Please feel free to share some out of the box uses you have found for Beef Jerky. i will be updating with ideas and...

Grain Fed, Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef, what does it all mean?

Hello Meat & Nut lovers. We've all seen the terms on a package of something. Maybe you heard that grass finished is the only way to go or grass fed...

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